Filing for Your Homestead Exemption: A Guide for Homeowners

What is a homestead exemption?

A homestead exemption is a legal provision that offers homeowners a reduction in their property taxes on their primary residence. The exemption works by reducing the assessed value of the home, which, in turn, lowers the amount of property tax owed.

The specific details and benefits of homestead exemptions can vary significantly by jurisdiction, including how much of the assessed value is exempt from taxes and whether the exemption applies to all types of taxes or just to those for certain entities like schools or county services.

Check out THIS article to see some frequently asked questions when it comes to filing.

Homestead Exemption-Additional Benefits

Additionally, homestead exemptions often provide protection against forced sale from creditors, ensuring homeowners do not lose their primary residence under most financial circumstances. This protection, however, typically does not cover liens from mortgages or taxes. In some places, the exemption might also escalate based on factors like the homeowner’s age, disability, or veteran status, providing greater benefits to those in these categories.

Filing your Homestead Exemption in Texas

Each county in Texas has its own process for filing, so it’s important to know the details specific to your area. Below are some guidelines and links to help you file for a homestead exemption in various counties around Texas, including Tarrant, Denton, Dallas, Parker, Johnson, Collin, Kaufman, Palo Pinto, Hood, Wise, and Ellis.

General Guidelines:

  • Deadline: The application and all required documentation must typically be submitted by April 30 of the tax year for which you are applying. However, if you miss this deadline, you may still have the opportunity to submit a late application up to two years after the delinquency date (usually February 1).

  • Documentation: Generally, you will need to provide proof of residence and other documentation as specified by your county’s appraisal district. Have a copy of your driver’s license or personal identification certificate. You DL needs to be from the Texas Department of Public Safety and the address must match the homestead address.

  • Requirements: You must own your home on January 1st of the year for which you are applying. (If you are over 65 and/or disabled, January 1st ownership and residency are not required.) It must be your principal residence and you may not claim any other property as a homestead. This is only for individual homeowners-not corporations or other entities. A homestead may be a house, condo, or manufactured home and can include up to 20 acres if the land is used as a yard or for another purpose for the residence. 

Where to file:

  • Tarrant County: Tarrant County Appraisal District’s website- here

  • Denton County: Denton Central Appraisal District’s website- here

  • Dallas County

    : Dallas Central Appraisal District’s website- here
  • Parker County

    : Parker County Appraisal District’s website- here
  • Johnson County

    : Johnson County Appraisal District’s website- here
  • Collin County

    : Collin Central Appraisal District’s website- here
  • Kaufman County

    : Kaufman County Appraisal District’s website- here
  • Palo Pinto County

    : Palo Pinto County Appraisal District’s website- here
  • Hood County

    : Hood County’s website- here.
  • Wise County

    : Wise County Appraisal District’s website- here
  • Ellis County

    : Ellis County Appraisal District’s website- here.


Each county’s website provides detailed instructions on the application process and any specific forms or documentation that may be required. Make sure to apply by the end of April to take advantage of this beneficial exemption for the current tax year. If you have specific questions or need assistance, it’s advisable to contact your local appraisal district directly.

Your home is your haven—let’s keep it protected. Click through to your respective county link provided above and file your exemption today!

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